July 16, 2018

Weekend in Coventry

First of all I didn’t bring my camera this weekend so this is going to be a phone camera post, and secondly I did at take photos until the last day so the will mostly be of cars at Coventry transport museum. Enjoy!

I flew in from Stavanger airport Sola on the 12th of July and landed on London’s Gatwick from there my trip continued with train to Coventry to meet my girlfriend.

As I said earlier I didn’t bring my camera this weekend but got a few photos of cars at the Coventry Transport Museum on the last day of my weekend. The photo above is of an alvis my stepdad got one of those back in Norway in good condition.

The museum has a room dedicated to land speed record cars.

There is not only old cars in this museum there is also a few modern cars aswell as some concept cars.

On the 15th of July I set my way back home the photo above was taken on the halfway mark between England and Norway. I landed safely at stavanger airport Sola just before midnight.

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